Michele Colburn American, b. 1953

Michèle Colburn is an American artist based in Washington, DC. She has a keen interest in world events and in exploring processes in her artwork that fuse nontraditional and diverse materials with traditional media. 


"For a long time, I have been interested in working with materials that carry certain associations, weight and even memory.They may be loaded with symbolism that spawn conceptual ideas," the artist says. Colburn transforms those materials into something aesthetically alluring, but with serious themes. 


Her latest series, created from gunpowder and high intensity watercolors, involves a fascination with process and experimentation, and rendering the gunpowder useless. The artist states, "I let the materials do what they must, with my guidance. It is a balancing act between the materials' tendencies and my ability to perceive and see where and what the next possibilities are, and then developing them."