Tashi Brauen Swiss/Tibetan, b. 1980

Tashi Brauen's interest lies in observing the characteristics of objects and everyday materials in relation to people and space. "I am interested in working with common materials and transforming them into a new form. It's an attempt to give a new view of different contemporary materials and shapes surrounding us."

At the heart of Brauen's practice is a study about materials and surfaces reacting with different interventions. "When I use a new material, it's always an experiment. I start with bending and folding the new material and observing its characteristics. In the end, my intention is to keep the interventions to a minimum." From this experimentation, Brauen finds the fine balance between intentional actions and spontaneous outcomes. Brauen’s most recent work follows a path of reduction, resulting in vibrant minimalist color field canvas paintings that centre the viewing experience on the act of seeing.

Brauen lives in Zurich, Switzerland, and has exhibited internationally, including solo shows in Zurich, Berlin, Munich, and Bangkok. His works are held in public collections in Switzerland, including Canton of Zurich, Canton of Berne, Wettingen Art Collection, and private collections worldwide.