In his first solo exhibition “Bending Forms” at Ronewa Art Projects in Berlin, Swiss artist Tashi Brauen (b. 1980) presents his latest works on paper. Working with common materials and transforming them into new forms, he gives a fresh view on different contemporary materials and shapes that are surrounding us. The works observe spontaneity and abrupt change in material characteristics that result in a conversation between painting and sculpture, photography and texture.


Brauen's interest lies in observing the characteristics of objects in relation to people and everyday materials. He combines amorphous structures with geometrical forms: "I am interested in working with common materials and transforming them into a new form. It's an attempt to give a new view on different contemporary materials and shapes which are surrounding us."


At the heart of Brauen's practice is a study about materials and their surfaces reacting with different interventions: "When I use a new material it's always an experiment. I start with bending and folding the new material, observing its characteristics. At the end my intention is to keep the interventions to a minimum."


Brauen has shown his works in a number of galleries and museums in Switzerland, France, Italy, Thailand, and the USA, at venues such as: Art Museum Bern (2017), Swiss Embassy in Bangkok (2016), Serindia Gallery, Bangkok (2016), Art Museum Thun (2015), Imago Mundi, Luciano Benetton Collection, Venice, Fabrique culture Hégenheim/F (2013), Residency Unlimited in New York (2013), Stadtgalerie Bern (2012), Centre Pasquart Biel (2012), Museum Bärengasse Zürich (2012).