Marinda Vandenheede Waregem, b. 1976

Marinda Vandenheede creates sculptural objects, works on paper, and paintings that employ natural, used, and discarded materials. "I tend to work with weathered, natural materials that testify to the beauty of decay." Such materials lend a sensitivity and sense of wonder to her works, contrasting her use of minimalist geometric forms and compositions.

Vandenheede's works on paper contain a rough-edged, imperfect geometry that overlays used paper and other repurposed surfaces – abstract, yet very much part of this world. Her sculptural works border on the surreal as they reform recognizable worn and aging objects into curious arrangements that follow an internal logic.

Vandenheede's practice embraces imperfection, atrophy, and stillness. It is a rejection of perfection, disconnectedness, and consumerism. Layers of time and narrative potential are embedded in her materials. She invites viewers to take a moment to be still and to take a deeper look.

Marinda Vandenheede lives in Waregem, Belgium, where she also studied fine art. Her practice is influenced by the truism that, as humans, we are inseparable from nature, while her early training in graphic design is visible in her sense of composition. Her works have been exhibited and collected internationally, including in Belgium, France, Spain, the UK, Ukraine, and New Zealand.