In a digitalized and dynamic world, artists need both visibility and professional support to thrive. Since 2006, Ronewa Art Gallery has dedicated itself to offering just that -- connecting international talent with both collectors and community, our gallery is a space for showcasing artists. With over 20 years of art experience, owner Roger Washington cultivates long-term, rewarding relationships with his clients.


After attracting a diversity of international talent in our US and Paris locations, we’ve chosen the young, vibrant Berlin as our home base. With 86 square meters, 3 exhibition rooms, and an advanced lighting system, our space here is unmistakable. In addition to group and solo showings of contemporary art and photography, we also offer lectures and workshops for both collectors and the everyday art lover -- if you want to learn about trends in art history or meet inspiring new artists, we’re the place.


We believe in showcasing artwork not as a commodity, but as an illustration of an artist’s progression. With networking opportunities and group and solo exhibitions, we offer the necessary professional development services for growing artists. If you’re based in the EU, we’d love to discuss a place for your work in our studio.


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