Ronewa Art Projects brings together people, ideas and events shaping the new landscape of contemporary art. To address the rapid shift taking place in the art world and how we experience art, traditional models are not only being reconsidered, but transcended and reinvented.


Since it was founded in 2006, Ronewa Art Gallery has been dedicated to the presentation of artists and connecting international talent with both collectors and community in Paris, Berlin and the United States.


Ronewa Art Projects is the evolution and expansion of Ronewa Art Gallery. We use both established and alternative platforms to curate contemporary art projects, injecting a fresh approach using mobility and expertise of presenting to local and international art markets. We are a catalyst for new ideas, projects, relationships and collaborations to increase the reach and visibility of contemporary art and artists from Asia, Europe and Africa.




We believe in a new model based on the globalized, digital, self-empowered culture that's no longer constrained by place, generation or status. It's a community connected together by a love for art, culture, creative process and being part of an inspiring and interesting conversation - all over the world. Our approach is transparent, direct, and built on a foundation of trust and positivity. We identify good artists specialized in painting, photography, installation and relief sculpture and help them navigate the art world, offer advice, promote and sell their works through exhibitions and networks. We work together with other curators and partners in Europe, Asia and Africa to exhibit and provide a network that is both local and global, fixed and nomadic. We build bridges between artists and collectors and share our passion through educating and informing a new breed of young collectors and contemporary art enthusiasts.


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