Mireille Gros Swiss, b. 1954

Statement: The drawings Fictional Plants


The use of the useless: A fictional (re) invented BIODIVERSITY


To invent new plants as real ones become extinct


One of my childhood dreams was walking around in a true rainforest.

In 1993 a friend and primatologist invited me to join to see the last virgin rain forest in West Africa, in the National parc of Taï, Ivory Coast.

I had the opportunity to discover rich flora and fauna with a huge biodiversity.

At the same time I could observe, that there were more and more species disappearing. I was told that one species a day disappears from our planet.

As a response I started inventing and RE - inventing new species. Every day a species disapears - every day I invent a new one.



I don‘t work after nature - I like to work WITH nature: Making the (plant)life intelligible trough lines and colors.


Statement: My artistic approach


My artistic approach is not guided by theory, concept or a particular thought.

all thoughts are held on the same plane, no one idea is favored in order to remain receptive for the course of behavior, the course of the “world”, the course of nature.

The potential of the situation at hand is sounded out spontaneously from moment to moment.

What is in keeping with a given situation is explored whereby the pictorial technique too can change at any time.

What emerges may prosper. (sponte sua = spontaneous)

often things come together that are separate in daily perception gliding from one universe to the next

free of intention immerging into work