Rico Lascano Filipino, b. 1958

Filipino artist Rico Lascano creates boundless spaces of stillness and timelessness. A lightness pervades his oeuvre, created by his refined spatial consideration and subtle surfaces. In contrast to the chaotic urban density of Manila, these works transcend the turbulence and clutter of city life. 


“For over a decade now, I have been exploring what I call “calm spaces”- the relationship between space and surface, sight and silence, distilling the sensation of serenity. I always take inspiration from nature: a quiet pond, a waterfall, heavenly skies, anything that makes you stop and reflect.” 


Rico Lascano lives in Manilia, the Philippines. He has held many solo exhibitions in the Philippines and at The Philippine Center in New York and participated in numerous group shows, including the cross-cultural initiative In Harmony With Nature in China and the Philippines and the Kasarinlan Art Trek Singapore, Singapore. Lascano’s works belong to several public collections, including The Metropolitan Museum of Manila, the Bank of China, The Philippine Central Bank Art Collection, Mastercard International Art Collection, and Terra 28th Park, Taguig, Philippines, commissioned by the Bonifacio Art Foundation. Lascano currently teaches at The University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts.