Hyacinthe Ouattara Burkinabe, b. 1991

Hyacinthe Ouattara

Born in Burkina-Faso Lives and Works in Paris, France.
Hyacinthe Ouattara is a self-taught plastic artist.
After several esperiences in work-shops, he trained in drawing. He began to represent the human body in a dreamlike, ghostly and childlike way, before focusing his work on the anatomy of cellular tissues through « human maps ».
Material, texture and colours are of great importance in his work. His way  of painting is predominantly spontaneous and gestural, while his installations often play with the theme of the suspension between balance and imbalance.
His twisted textile sculptures-inspired by organic forms-allow him to
reflect on the concept of memory, whilst questioning the ambivalences between appearance and disappearance, and intimacy and identity.
His works hare been successfully exhibited in Paris, Berlin, Dakar,
Ouagadougou, Accra, Luxembourg and Kalgoorlie.