Elisabeth Sonneck German, b. 1962

Elisabeth Sonneck

In her works, Elisabeth Sonneck intersects minimalistic spatial concepts with complex coloristic experiments. She focuses on color as an unstable being, the effect of which ultimately depends on the surrounding context – a topic that goes far beyond painting.


The colors unfold a rich spectrum of subtle nuances, in which the consciously reduced painterly gesture emphasizes the painting’s biography, especially in the often-facetted brush stops. Her multilayered, semitransparent color rhythms arise freehand, in the same precise bodily process as her unfixed, balanced color-installations.


Since 2006 Elisabeth Sonneck has developed numerous site-specific works, which transform the particularities of the sites into color spaces; she has realized room paintings as well as extensive color-installations with flexible paper formations: her so-called scroll paintings, in a permanent metamorphosis between painting, object and sculpture.