Douglas Diaz American, b. 1972

Douglas Diaz


This work is a refuge of sorts. On the one hand, it serves as a place for safe explorations into questions about my own humanity. A place to challenge my innermost fears, the darkness that lurks in the shadows of my being. As such, I attempt to exhaust a topic, an insight or a thought that appears after a short zazen.


On the other hand, my refuge takes shape after the drawings are done, in the collective body of work that is building over time. While I fail at sitting and manifesting daily, the overall work that is being generated becomes a new path for living. In it, I find new insights and habits that are played out over days only to fall back into questioning on the next session.


I attempt to keep in check the self-indulgent nature of the work, through the rigor of the questions, the dedication of sitting and the honesty with which I ask myself hard and easy questions, as well as the lack of boundaries of the exploration.


The visual elements of the work are deliberate attempts to simplify the means in order to produce an honest questioning. The markings are evolving to become more direct, shortening the preamble to arrive at the most vulnerable insight at any given moment.