Veit Schmidleitner German, b. 1985

Veit Schmidleitner was born in Ludwigshafen, Germany in 1985. From 2008 - 2011 he studied graphic design in Marbella, Spain. Back in Germany he worked as a post producer for photography and film, and started working with metal through his father and mentor Günter De Rosa. 


With a background in car varnishing, photography, film and graphic design, Schmidleitner assisted other artists to complete their works with his knowledge of color and steel.


While working on commissions, Schmidleitner developed a way to merge laser cutting with his unique painting technique, enabling colors and shapes to form their own visual language, which commonly depicts religious and social occurrences. He uses cryptographic elements to develop a story which is not being told, but rather needs to be questioned and interpreted. Colors are given a specific meaning and are coupled with theme and presentation. With the different behaviors of a painting’s surface, the viewer is exposed to its own reflection and is thus interacting with the form and the color of the artwork.


Veit Schmidleitner’s studio “Quantum Oddity” was founded with Günter de Rosa in 2013 and is also the base for painter Marc Pilgaard Nielsen, visual artist Frank Hoffmann and photographer Linda Dajana Krueger.


Quantum Oddity describes the correlation between the act of creating and building something out of nothing; to strive for the new and the unseen; to question everything.