Gérard Charrière Swiss, b. 1935

Born 1935 in the Swiss town of Fribourg, the cosmopolitan and artist Gérard Charrière discovered early on that books and scripts were to be his artistic form of expression and catalyst for inner liberation. After his bookbinder's apprenticeship in Basel he went on to study at the Lycée Technique Estienne in Paris, where he dedicated himself to the creation of books as mere art objects for the first time. In 1964 he moved to Chicago, and moved on four years later to study art painting at the Art Students League in New York. He stayed in New York until his relocation to Berlin in 2001. 

Gérard Charrière's works are held in many collections around the world, such as Cartier in Luzern, the Kunstmuseum Basel and Staatsmuseum Bern, Princeton University (NJ), the Julius Bär Bank in New York and Switzerland, the privat collection of the Schober Holding in Ditzingen and many more.
His works have been exhibited worldwide, among many others in solo exhibitions at the Metropolitan Museum in New York and the Galerie von Geymüller in Essen, Germany.

He has captured his thoughts and feelings - pleasant or disturbing - in books as a way of working through them. This he achieves best in the exploration of the visual and abstract qualities of words and scripts. As artistic form of expression it serves his continuous search for inner liberation.