Oksana Bergen Russian, b. 1979

Oksana Bergen was born in Kedrovy Shor, Russia 1979. At the age of 15, she and her family left Russia and moved to Germany. Very early she discovered that art and literature are the passions of her life allowing her a diversity of ways to express her creativity.

In Nanjing, China, where she lived for two years, Lao Shi, a Chinese painter, introduced her to the world of the “tusche” technique, a next step in her exciting artistic voyage.

During the same period in Nanjing, she began exploring paper as a source of almost infinite creativity. She developed her first art project “Paper Worlds (Papierwelten)”, by upcycling all sorts of waste paper into three dimensional objects and sculptures employing a variety of techniques. She gave it the name “Eco Art”. A transformation of material from its daily use into a piece of art. Intuition is her master. 

Oksana ́s art is an expression of what she observes, what she lives and feels. Her art is an art of remembering the beauty and the inexplicable, and one’s own responsibility.