Pierre Gottfried Imhof Swiss, b. 1956

Pierre Imhof was born in 1956, in Fribourg, Switzerland. At the age of twenty-two he moved briefly to Zurich, where he worked as an ancillary nurse before deciding to leave for London in the spring of 1979. In Britain he first worked as a typesetter, then for a year as a railway guard, taking British Rail trains out of Kings Cross. In 1983 he began his studies in painting and sculpture at Middlesex University, graduating in 1986.

After selling most of the paintings in his graduation show, he has managed since then to work more or less full-time in the studio. He had his first solo exhibition in Zurich, 6 months after leaving college. In the early years he supplemented his meagre income with occasional translations for British broadcasters, and also monitored the soundtracks of French- and German-language porn movies for the examiners of the British Board of Film Classification. During his numerous stays in Berlin he has written opinion pieces and book, film and TV reviews for a German newspaper, and in 2004 the East Berlin publishers Eulenspiegel Verlag brought out his short book on the life of Oscar Wilde, Allem kann ich widerstehen, nur der Versuchung nicht