Paper Positions Basel 2021: Booth nr. 17

21 - 26 September 2021

The Ronewa Art Projects viewing room presents the work of Chinese-Finnish artist Canal Cheong Jagerroos and Belgian artist  Marinda Vandenheede – two artists exhibiting in the Ronewa booth at this year’s Paper Positions Basel 2021 art fair  (Booth nr. 17).


Paper Positions Basel is dedicated to showcasing international artists who draw on the medium of paper and its particular qualities and versatility. The two artists represented by Ronewa Art Projects redefine the timeless art material through their unique processes of regeneration.


Paper Positions Basel 2021 runs from September 21 to 26, and the viewing room presentation is live until 26 September.  We’re pleased to bring the works of these two fantastic artists to our online community. You’ll find more information about Canal Cheong Jagerroos and Marinda Vandenheede and their work below. 



About Canal Cheong Jagerroos:


Having trained in Chinese fine art, Canal Cheong Jagerroos integrates time-honored techniques and materials into her mixed media paintings. Beginning with calligraphy drawings on large sheets of rice paper, a process of deconstruction and reconstruction forms the basis of her multi-layered works. Cheong Jagerroos tears her ink drawings into fragments and reforms them into new compositions with paint and diverse materials. The synthesis between Cheong Jagerroos’ multiple techniques and visual elements influenced by both East and West reflects her own movement between these worlds. 


Canal Cheong Jagerroos (b.1968) lives and works between Helsinki, Shanghai, Nice, Berlin, and Tokyo. Growing up in an artistic family in Macau, she has been immersed in Chinese art since childhood. Over the past 30 years, she has lived in numerous countries, from Asia to Europe and Africa, which has greatly influenced her practice. Cheong Jagerroos has exhibited extensively throughout Europe, China, and the USA.


About Marinda Vandenheede:


Marinda Vandenheede is drawn to materials weathered by nature and vulnerable to erosion. She repurposes found objects marked by use and time, attesting to the beauty of wear and decay. The works on paper presented here give new life to the pages of old books. Vandenheede dismantles her objects with care and introduces geometry, symmetry, and repetition that follow an internal logic. Contained within Vandenheede’s playful juxtaposition of formal elements and found materials are the inherent dualities found within humanity and nature. Her works are an invitation to stand still and find curiosity, wonder, and contemplation.


Marinda Vandenheede (b.1976) lives in Waregem, Belgium, where she also studied fine art. Her practice is influenced by the truism that, as humans, we are inseparable from nature, while her early training in graphic design is visible in her sense of composition. Her works have been shown internationally, including in Belgium, France, Spain, the UK, and Ukraine.