Michele Colburn: Washington, D.C. | In Plain Sight

20 January - 19 February 2021

I focus on themes of domestic and global violence. Through paintings, sculptures, and installation-based work, I strive to transform materials of war into a critical mechanism.  While using hand-manipulated materials to create purposefully aesthetically seductive experiences, I aspire to promote curiosity in the viewer. The media I select and mix with traditional ones, are fraught with terrible associations.


Manipulating deadly armaments, echoes my actions as a lifelong peace activist. Transforming these materials into art media involves processes that render their function impotent. Through saturating some materials with water, and separating them, I aim to transform these residues into catalysts of reflection.


My abstract landscapes began as meditations on past wars and have evolved into reflections of current events.  Combining wet gunpowder grounds with liquid acrylics and brilliant watercolors, I invigorate surfaces.  I produce these chaotic amalgams to reflect the contemporary moment.