Rico Lascano - Constructing Stillness in Urban Chaos

April Dell, August 21, 2020

Press Release 


Online Exhibition 

September 3 - October 3, 2020


Enter the light and tranquil space of Rico Lascano’s abstracted inner journey. Ronewa Art Projects presents an online exhibition of the Filipino artist’s ethereal and meditative paintings. 


Within his floating compositions and delicately textured expanses, Lascano creates boundless spaces of stillness and timelessness. A lightness pervades his oeuvre, created by his refined spatial consideration and subtle surfaces. In contrast to the chaotic urban density of Manila, these works transcend the turbulence and clutter of city life. They offer a space for reflection and respite.


Abstract in appearance, Lascano’s paintings refer to the natural world. His series Quietude suggests inky pools of water, sandy shorelines, and hazy horizons where sea meets sky. “As I translate images of nature onto my canvas, they cease to be forms and become feelings and atmospheres.” His is a spiritual experience of nature; and of art making. Spatium Divinae is a series of celestial golden shrouds and fields of dark blending into light. The healing beauty of nature and the infinite mystery of the Divine “are the two pools where I plunge deep, immerse myself, and express the stirrings of my soul.”


Lascano’s practice is deeply personal and responds to a specific context. Yet, his works are also universal in their appeal. They reflect the artist’s journey to inner peace and, free from ego or grandeur, he leaves the door wide open for viewers to follow. 


Rico Lascano has taken part in countless solo exhibitions in the Philippines as well as at The Philippine Center in New York. He has participated in numerous group shows, such as the cross-cultural initiative In Harmony With Nature in China and the Philippines and the Kasarinlan Art Trek Singapore, Singapore. His works are held in several public collections, including The Metropolitan Museum of Manila, the Bank of China, The Philippine Central Bank Art Collection, Mastercard International Art Collection, and in Terra 28th Park, Taguig, Philippines, commissioned by the Bonifacio Art Foundation. Lascano currently teaches at The University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts.

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