Marinda Vandenheede: Oxygen Series

1 June - 1 July 2022
Viewing Room opens:

Marinda Vandenheede’s practice is defined by playful juxtapositions that nod to the inherent dualities found within humanity and nature. She is drawn to objects weathered by time and made from natural materials vulnerable to erosion, such as wood, paper, and metal. Vandenheede’s latest works, the Oxygen series, continue her use of curious found objects combined with her own geometric formal language. 


For the Oxygen series, Vandenheede repurposes cardboard punched card patterns used in industrial loom weaving. She overlays the worn and aged cards with hand-painted abstract designs guided by a minimalist logic of repetition and symmetry. Vandenheede’s graphic imagery appears independent of, even defiant against, the pattern made by the holes underneath. This overriding of the existing data can be interpreted as a symbolic rejection of our programming as humans ­– what we’re taught from our upbringing, education, and societal norms – and that our beliefs and choices are hardwired into this system. Through the perforated material, she takes a breath of fresh air.


Marinda Vandenheede lives in Waregem, Belgium, where she studied fine art. Her practice is influenced by the truism that, as humans, we are inseparable from nature, while her early training in graphic design is visible in her sense of composition. Her works have been exhibited and collected internationally, including in Belgium, France, Spain, the UK, Ukraine, and New Zealand.