Elisabeth Sonneck: Berlin | Online Preview December 7 - 8

9 December 2020 - 11 January 2021







December 9, 2020 - January 11, 2021


Rounding off the year, the Ronewa Art Projects online viewing room showcases works by Berlin-based artist Elisabeth Sonneck. Sonneck’s painting and installation practice spans infinite forms, united by her rigorous commitment to the inherent potential of her materials.


Ritardando is a musical term meaning a gradual decrease in speed. The notion of slowing down is fitting as a broad reflection on the change of pace in many areas of life in 2020. Slowness, as it relates to Sonneck’s practice, describes her considered and meticulous processes and facilitates her exploration into the physical relations of form and color in space. Working predominantly with paint on paper, Sonneck’s work is a dialogue between the intrinsic properties of her everyday materials and situational elements of space, light, environment, and audience. Her paper installations—often standing upright in a scroll, rolled across the floor, or suspended and unfurling from a height—are a subtle manipulation of the material, guiding it into new and unique forms while allowing its weight, texture, and material tension to behave in organic ways. Far from passive, these forms are loaded with tension and energy, in a state of static dynamism—until a new context redefines them.