Yvanovitch Mbaya

Ngunza (Spiritual Initiation) | Dance Performance
January 23, 2023

Yvanovitch Mbaya


I question myself through this dance inspired by traditional Ngunza (Spiritual Initiation) practices of the Congo, to make a choice, a choice to go to the confrontation of the other.


Today, I find it interesting to include dance as an artistic influence, because it adds another dimension to my work. Not only to be more comfortable with my body and the gestures it presents, but also to accompany my works.


This dance also tells my story, as I was born in Congo. Although it is a cosmopolitan city, open to the world, I had the desire to go elsewhere, to meet other people, to encounter different cultures. This desire brought me to West Africa.


This dance tells the story of my journey through many West African countries and their different cultures and traditions.


This dance reflects the difference, the diversity, and the challenges that humans cannot face. We must live Together.



Credits: Yvanovitch Mbaya | Dance Performance | Ngunza (Spiritual Initiation) Ronewa Art Projects BERLIN | Video prodution: Abdelmoula Leksibi