Yvanovitch Mbaya

Kimvuka (Together)
January 23, 2023

My name is Yvanovitch Mbaya, I am Congolese and I studied fine arts in Brazzaville.

For 9 years, I have been creating works based on coffee. This element is at the heart of the new creations exhibited in Berlin.


For the first time I also use the pigment indigo and charcoal powder.

This combination of pigments gives depth to the works and allows the viewer a better interpretation of the pictorial language.

The dance performance is a continuation of this pictorial language.

This Bantu cultural heritage is very important to me as it deeply inspires all my creations.


I am a Bantu. Among us, traditions are a very structuring pillar for our society. We protect them in order not to forget them. They are in us and and last the test of time...



Yvanovitch Mbaya | Kimvuka (Together)  | 26 January | 04 March 2023 | Ronewa Art Projects BERLIN | Video production: Abdelmoula Leksibi