Saša Pančić: Membranes

17 November - 21 December 2023
"The exhibition's title, "Membranes," has symbolic meaning derived from the artwork's language - its flatness and imaginary depth."
Serbian multimedia artist Saša Pančić engages in a proficient interplay across multiple mediums, from evocative drawings and paintings to the transformative space of sculptures and art videos.
In the present realm of abstraction and minimalism, Pančić's approach presents a poignant dichotomy. While many might perceive these styles as mere aesthetic choices, Pančić grants them agency, using them as tools to probe the essential nature of his subjects. The emphasis is steadfastly on substance, challenging and expanding upon the currency of form.
For Pančić, art operates as a tangible dialogue, brimming with lucid ideas and profound emotions. His artworks traverse numerous themes, from the overtly external environments to the profoundly personal internal worlds and from historical reflections to ruminations on impending futures.


Pančić has participated in solo and group exhibitions in his home country of Serbia and internationally, including Novi Sad, Podgorica, Poreč, Varna, Sofia, Bucurest, Chiang Mai (Thailand), and Ningbo (China), and Ronewa Art Projects, Berlin. His works are held in private and public collections, including "The Wienere" Collection, Belgrade, Serbia; Luciano Benetton Collection, Italy; Collection of the Arte Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia; Collection of the Gallery Thalberg, Zurich, Switzerland; Collection of the Gallery Lamusee, Tokyo.