Helene Le Chatelier: Singapore | Online Viewing Room

15 - 20 May 2020

Psyche is a series of variable sizes round paintings by Hélène Le Chatelier. Exploring the idea of an inner geography, an intimate territory, this series questions the intimacies of our time.


In his essay titled “In Praise of Blandness”, François Julien, a French philosopher and sinologist, defined the quality of blandness (“dan” in Chinese) as “remaining discreet and unobtrusive”, inviting us “to experience a world beyond”. As such, the allusive depths of the Psyche series, invites us to pause and to negotiate with the deep strata of our identity and memory, resonating with Daoism and the concept of blandness in Chinese aesthetics, discovering that, from a cellular shape to lunar scale, microcosm reproduces the macrocosm of the universe.


Using the language of round imaginary landscapes as a representation of our inner world, Le Chatelier invites us to look into an endless mirror or a microscope or a telescope, to engage further and to reconsider the (shrinking) place of silence and introspection in our life continuously overwhelmed by a constant flow of data.