Tashi Brauen - DU, YOU

April Dell, June 5, 2020

Tashi Brauen - DU,YOU

Online Exhibition, June 19–July 19


For our first exclusively online exhibition, Ronewa Art Projects presents new works by Swiss artist Tashi Brauen.


Brauen’s new series of works emerged out of the COVID pandemic lockdown, where many artists found themselves without access to art-making supplies. DU magazine has been a leading art and culture periodical in Switzerland since the 1940s. Experimenting with materials found in his studio, Brauen repurposed pages from old copies of the magazine as surfaces for his colorful paint splotch trials. 


The result combines Brauen’s practice of manipulating and folding paper and his subtle employment of chance with the appropriation of the found object and an intergenerational nostalgia. Brauen reduces the magazine—and it’s carefully curated photographs—to a traditional material form: paper. Yet through this process, pages of history are given a new context. Existing images are recast in relation to the paint obscuring them. 


Brauen’s relationship to materials is like a conversation, testing their physical character and feeling out how they respond. This study of materials and how surfaces respond to interventions is at the heart of Brauen’s practice. 


Tashi Brauen lives in Zurich, Switzerland. Brauen has exhibited internationally, including solo shows in Zurich, Berlin, Munich, and Bangkok. His works are held in private collections worldwide and Swiss public collections, including Canton of Zurich, Canton of Berne, and Wettingen Artcollection.

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