Clara Berta - Blue Configurations (Paper) Series

April Dell

Press Release

Online exhibition

Feb. 14 – Mar. 14, 2022

Preview: Feb. 11–13 2022



Ronewa Art Projects presents an online exhibition of new works on paper by Hungarian-American artist Clara Berta. This series titled Blue Configurations (Paper) Series  marks a new direction for Berta into paper as a surface for her explorations of movement, composition, and the flow of energy through color and form. 


Through her process of pouring, dripping, and manipulating paint through movement, Berta creates abstract works that contain the kinetic energy of action paintings as well as generate a meditative sense of calm. For Blue Configurations, Berta reduces her palette to one color across sixteen works and liberally embraces the simplicity and potency of negative space. Within this series, the tonal nuances between shades of blue and the intricacies of individual painted actions are boldly defined on the paper.


Across her oeuvre, Berta’s forms possess the varying personalities of water in nature – sometimes gentle, sometimes surging – a connection enhanced in this series through her choice of color. Her intuitive and spontaneous process results in compositions that are fluid, organic, and often circular or moving outwards from the center. Berta’s practice is grounded in the flow of energy from artist to painting to viewer, and each configuration in blue will strike its viewers in unique ways.



Clara Berta (born 1963) is based in Los Angeles, USA, where she has been practicing art since 2000. With an academic background in psychology, Berta is fascinated by the human emotional response to color and abstract forms. Her work recognizes the transformative power of art and its potential for self-expression. Berta studied advanced composition and technique at the Santa Reparata School of Art in Florence, Italy, and printmaking in the US. Her paintings have been exhibited and collected worldwide, including Europe, China, and Dubai. 

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