Helene Le Chatelier French, b. 1974

Helene Le Chatelier studied Art in Paris at l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Art, Olivier de Serres, where she graduated in Fine Arts Fresco painting with honors. Since her first exhibition in Paris right after her graduation, Helene embraced various modes of expression (painting, sculpture, photography, video, installation, writing). Best known for her ink body-scapes and her works on paper, she questions the influence of memory and social context on our intimate space.


In this time of migration and globalization, Le Chatelier interrogates our modern identities, our multiple territories at an age where boundaries between screen and skin become blurry. Through her polymorphic artistic approach, Le Chatelier pushes the viewer to engage further with the artwork to re-explore and reconsider his own intimate space and his place within a world overwhelmed by a constant flow of data.